Perfect your pedal stroke and your French! It is possible in Tenerife!

More than 20 years of presence on Tenerife, the island of eternal spring, coach Miguel, offers you cycling courses from October 2022 to May 2023!

The duration of the internships is up to you! you want to take a week off and come prepare for your 2023 cycling season, ???? no problem ! But you want to stay 15 days??…. 3 weeks,… it’s as you want!

Coach Miguel will give you, if you wish, the good plans for your accommodation! to visit the most beautiful island of the Canaries! for good restaurants and the best guachinches (traditional Canarian cuisine restaurants!), not only but also for a car rental! for bike rental! etc…

The course begins when coach Miguel picks you up at the airport and ends the day and when the coach drops you off at the airport stop for you to take your return flight!
Nearly 22 years of presence on Tenerife, coach Miguel and Tenerife Bike Camp can be summed up as follows:

« The experience that makes the difference! »

Noëmie et Sébastien Godin au pied du géant d’Espagne !

Make your internship request, your reservation, ask your questions to:

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